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Good Lawyers, Good People

Silver Anniversary  A narrative account of the firm's 1989 founding and its growth and progress during the ensuing 25 years, and a list of some of the community and civic organizations that have benefited from our attorneys' involvement

Recruiting  Aiken Schenk’s two-decade tradition of collegiality and distinction within the Phoenix legal community is an attractive quality for attorneys taking their practices to higher levels


Aiken Schenk Hawkins & Ricciardi

Attorneys with Uncommon Skill in Civil Litigation, ADR, Bankruptcy and Employment Law

The lawyers at the Phoenix law firm of Aiken Schenk offer elite, peer-recognized legal skill in litigation, mediation, arbitration, employment law, bankruptcy and other services tailored to protect you and your business, personal and property interests. You will benefit from our keen understanding of your financial and legal threats and opportunities, and our uncommon experience, creativity and effectiveness in responding to you and your goals.


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