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Asset Protection

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Domestic Plans and More

Many asset protection plans can be comprised solely of domestic strategies and structures. However, if your asset protection objectives are best supported by alternatives to domestic planning, we can assist you with an international strategy as well.

Offshore Strategies

Not long ago, “going offshore” was considered the exclusive asset protection province of individuals of enormous wealth, dubious motives or both.

But as concerns over litigation and regulation have grown, and as Washington inevitably seeks more revenue sources to address the nation's growing debt, wealthy people are increasingly finding legal security and peace of mind through well-conceived international asset protection strategies.

An international or foreign trust can be a supplement to, or a total substitute for, a traditional domestic estate plan. It can legally insulate your assets from lawsuits, discourage creditors, preserve your privacy, and expand your investment opportunities.

Why Go Offshore? An international financial plan accomplishes all of the goals of a traditional domestic estate plan ... and often does so more effectively.

Where Is 'Offshore'? The term "offshore" connotes many things — some unfavorable, many inaccurate.

Are You a Candidate? It's not for just the very wealthy. With litigation and regulation continuing their steadfast march, individuals who pursue an offshore strategy are becoming increasingly diverse.

Offshore Planning Options  International financial planning offers a wide variety of options that are not available domestically.

  Phil Rupprecht: Protecting the wealth of at-risk clients has been a major focus of his practice for more than a decade

If you, your company or your professional practice is a litigation target, Phil Rupprecht can help you create a domestic or offshore asset protection and wealth preservation structure to help you keep what you have worked so hard to achieve.

In our litigious society and business climate, entrepreneurs, corporate officers and directors, general partners, physicians, attorneys and other high net worth individuals are at continuous risk as potential defendants in a devastating lawsuit.

Even if you did nothing wrong, the risk of attorney fees and emotional wear and tear can be enormous. The threat to your estate from creditors' claims can take many forms: litigation, divorce, catastrophic medical costs, and a money judgment that exceeds your insurance limits and leaves you on the hook for a ruinous financial obligation.

If your assets are at risk, you should take decisive, preventive action to protect yourself and your family from lawsuits and future creditors. Once a lawsuit has been filed it is too late for most lawyer-assisted planning. It is essential to act ahead of time to protect your estate before it comes under attack.

Phil Rupprecht can help you create domestic and offshore (also known as "foreign" or "international") trusts, legal entities and structures and provide other planning to shield accumulated wealth from unforeseen claims and risks, including unnecessary taxes.